My new training routine at age 60-


Just joined Worlds Gym and can now really increase my training routine and see how far I can go


4/26/14 to 6/06/14

04/26 05/27


Can you tell te difference in 4 weeks. Just starting to get some serious training in and I can feel a diference.

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Well it's time for me now to really start training. I have been swamped training and also educating students for the last couple years. But from now on I'm going to make sure that I put in time on my own training and diet for want to see just what kind of shape I can get in!

My current routine includes;

Training at 6:15 AM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Playing teaching tennis Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Saturday – Sunday
Hiking or running sprints to three times a week
I am now going to start doing an extra work out and night twice a week, some yoga and flexibility, and some medicine ball and jiu jitsu workout

Plus I am going to try to tighten up my diet and to also make sure I have more time to relax and recover. 60 years old you can still handle very substantial weights we have to make sure you have perfect form and higher reps. You also have to watch your weight is absolutely stupid to try and get too heavy when you're over 50 years old. This puts a lot of strain on your heart and internal organs will do no good at all.

In fact I know it will hurt your cardiovascular system it will put excessive strain when your joints and you will begin to lose movement and flexibility! Remember is we age our bones lose strength and also some flexibility. Therefore do not try to weigh more than you did or the same about you did if you were playing college football or another sport that required you to bulk up.

Trading over 50 you have to be smart and use your mind as much as your body. We want to be able to move, be active, and enjoy our life as we age. So let's made sure we train to be healthy, and have fun,

I will now post more pictures and the effects of my training once or twice a week. I will soon start posting on my own channel on YouTube,

Remember if you want me to train you contact me here.