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I am almost 49 and in reasonable shape but always wanted to find a way to achieve a better build. I have 6 ft 4 in tall and 200 pounds. I workout irregularly but about 2 to 3 times a week. I typically focus on cardio. I still identify with the skinny kid on the beach in the Mr. Atlas ads that were in comics as a kid. That is how I see myself even today. My wife, who is both younger and in better shape, tells me that she wishes I would work out more. Logically, I know that I need to change my diet if i want to bulk up and I need to hit the weights. Yet, I find it hard to find the right starting place. Can you help me?   Richard

Richard first of all I need to know what your training routine is. If you're going to put on weight and muscle you need to have a routine with intensity. Also I need to know where you are training If it is at a gym and if so what kind of facility is it